Keep it Simple

it came unexpectedly,
the gods are laughing devilishly
so cruel how things pan out,
you toss and turn to try not to doubt.
of course this spelled trouble,
unreadable thought bubble
jokes on me of course,
as I hope I won’t feel remorse.
silence is the only way i know,
of keeping feelings in tow
nothing  is what i feel,
there is truth in that, it is real.
as bizarre as pop art,
oh this poor battered heart
pleasing oneself shouldn’t come first,
ornately drawn affection will have to burst.
urge you not to be dear,
not that it would help to steer clear
reality should be better than dreams,
even prayers are popping at the seams.
quitting is not an option,
universe please proceed with caution
it is me trying to be in control,
that i would rather not be whole.
even if it eats me up inside,
denial is like the tide
low it comes and high it goes,
over and not over it shows.
visible yet intangible to people,
effortless way to keep it simple.